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The Horror Pod Class

Hey class!  Come meet Mike and Tyler, two high school teachers who absolutely love to talk and write about the horror genre!  We also own and write for a website named Signal Horizon, where you can get the latest news, reviews, and analysis of works from the horror and dark science fiction genres!

Sep 27, 2018

Its Fascism Week here at Horror Pod Class. It is like fashion week but with cuter clothes.  


Tyler talks about Orrin Grey.  Our review of his short story collection was just published today.  Check it out.

He also saw the Punk Rock Slasher The Ranger.  It was pretty awesome.  

Mike is Listening to some Chuck Klausterman.

Here is a link for two free books on audible.

He is also reading The Weird and some stuff by Matt Bartlett.

He likes this really weird account on YouTube.  thee landstander reads Guest Law.  

Bell Rings

Essential Question:  Is there a subgenre of horror called Fascist Horror and if so is Pan's Labyrinth an example of it?  

There is a great article from screen prism that makes the connection between The Pale Man and Captain Vidal very obvious.

Mike is pretty obsessed about how the Spanish stole a bunch of kids from people.  Mental Floss discusses it. 

Kam Ha Sui in Socialism and Democracy has a super good article about the antifascist elements of the movie.   


Class Dismissed!