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The Horror Pod Class

Hey class!  Come meet Mike and Tyler, two high school teachers who absolutely love to talk and write about the horror genre!  We also own and write for a website named Signal Horizon, where you can get the latest news, reviews, and analysis of works from the horror and dark science fiction genres!

Aug 8, 2018

Welcome back class, it has been a long summer and the crops have not been particularly bountiful.  What are we to do?  Burn a big ass wicker man of course!  Specifically we are going to be talking about the 1973 Folk Horror classic The Wicker Man.  Not to be confused with the absolutley horrible Nick Cage remake.  First we talk about our favorite new movies and books, then we get into Folk Horror.  What is it?  Why does it only seem to work in the old country?  Why did the Nick Cage movie suck so bad? 

Show Notes:

02:30- Tyler just finished watching Extinction on Netflix and the final grade is: "Well, its pretty good."  Netflix has had a bunch of scifi bombs as of late, so at least this is an improvement.

03:15- Tyler and Mike both have copies of The Best Horror of the Year Volume 10 edited by Ellen Datlow.  Tyler talks about some of his favorite picks from this year's volume.  Its awesome, as usual.

06:00- Mike just finished reading and reviewing Lost Films, a short story anthology from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.  Go check out his review and then pre-order a copy, both Tyler and Mike think it is awesome.  Best themed anthology so far this year!

08:00-  Mike is currently reading Lost Highways, which you can pick up on Kindle Unlimited.  Review will be up soon, but while you are over at Kindle Unlimited check out some of our best horror picks.

10:00- LaVar Burton Reads podcast did an episode featuring Rebecca Roanhorse's short story, "Welcome to your Authentic Indian Experience."  It is wonderful and you need to listen to it. 


13:00-  Want to watch the 1973 folk horror classic The Wicker Man?  Head on over to and use the promo code "Signal" for some extra time on your free trial.  

16:00-  Much of what Mike talks about comes from a great new book that just came out on Kindle Unlimited, We Don't Go Back: A Watcher's Guide to Folk Horror.  Author Howard David Ingham did a successful Kickstarter a while back for the book and it is totally awesome!  Looking forward to more of his work as he has more of these type of books planned for the future.

19:00-  Tyler and Mike try to figure out why Folk Horror doesn't quite work in the United States.  Both Sleepy Hollow and The VVitch kind of fit. 

27:00-  Watch out.  There is a ton of nudity in this movie.  Like way more than you would expect.

40:00-  Tyler drops the phrase "Aboriginal Orientalism" to describe the way we Americans sometimes look at Native American culture and spirtuality.  

41:30-  Tyler talks about a great article from Mikil J. Koven entitled "The Folklore Fallacy: A Folkloric/Filmic Perspective on The Wicker Man."

50:00-  Musical Theater meets Charlie Manson.  Good way to describe this one.