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The Horror Pod Class

Hey class!  Come meet Mike and Tyler, two high school teachers who absolutely love to talk and write about the horror genre!  We also own and write for a website named Signal Horizon, where you can get the latest news, reviews, and analysis of works from the horror and dark science fiction genres!

Apr 27, 2018

Class is back and this time we are discussing the 2013 found footage film Mr. Jones and what it has to tell us about Guerrilla, Street, and Outsider Art.  We talk a whole bunch about how much we liked this movie, even though the overall reception can be described as "mixed" at best.  Plus we sing!  And play the drums!

Show notes and useful links:

1:00-  Tyler talks a bit about the "Arrive Alive" presentation at his school.  For more about Arrive Alive, check out their website

1:30-  Many airports need volunteers to be injured victims during their annual emergency exercises.  Often times they will make you up in some pretty horrific makeup!  Check out Kansas City International's call for volunteers here or Google your local airport if you are interested.

3:50- Tyler is currently reading Year's Best Body Horror 2017 edited by C.P. Dunphey.  If you are interested in the body horror sub-genre, we totally recommend it.  Click here for our Amazon affiliate link and pick up a copy today.

4:20-  Tyler watched Mom and Dad recently, you can check out his review and learn more about Nick Cage going full Cage here.

6:45-  Tyler and Mike both loved the new novella by Philip Fracassi entitled "Shiloh" and the additional bonus story "Soda Jerk."  Click here to see their full review of Shiloh.

9:50-  For more podcasts covering your favorite fiction genres, check out the Shockwaves podcast by Blumhouse.

10:30-  Mike recommends some free horror fiction over at Pseudopod with their really cool original "Alarm Will Sound."

12:00-  Class starts!  Spoilers ahead for Mr. Jones (2013).  Also, we really apologize for our terrible singing. 

17:30-  Trailer for Mr. Jones, you can watch the full version over at YouTube.

20:00-  Tyler tells us all about Apotropaic Magic, which is pretty darn interesting.  Learn more over at Wikipedia.  

23:45-  No discussion of street and guerrilla art would be complete without a discussion of Banksy.  Check out the trailer for Exit Through the Gift Shop, a documentary about Banksy and try to get a hold of the movie.  It is really well done.  

25:00-  Mike discusses an interview that was published on Daily Dead where Mr. Jones writer and director Karl Mueller indicated that one of his inspirations was Henry Darger.

30:15-  Likely the coolest and most mysterious guerrilla/outsider art out there are the Toynbee Tiles.  You can watch an entire documentary about them here for free.

36:00-  Check out more artwork from Pumpkinrot on their website.  Not only is Pumpkinrot responsible for the super cool scarecrows in Mr. Jones, but also some of the work in Krampus.

37:30-  Awesome Huck Magazine article about Apotropaic magic in Bulgaria and the super cool costumes that people wear to ward off evil spirits.

48:00-  For similar works, check out the Laird Barron short story "Strappado."  We recommend just going whole hog down the Laird Barron rabbit hole by purchasing his book Occultation.