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The Horror Pod Class

Hey class!  Come meet Mike and Tyler, two high school teachers who absolutely love to talk and write about the horror genre!  We also own and write for a website named Signal Horizon, where you can get the latest news, reviews, and analysis of works from the horror and dark science fiction genres!

Mar 23, 2018

Class is back in session and today Tyler and Mike are discussing a very interesting movie just released on Shudder that you may have missed called Honeymoon.  We are discussing in depth what the movie has to say about relationships in general and marriage specifically.  We will then look at the 7 principals of successful relationships and evaluate the relationship in Honeymoon using those standards.
1:35-Tyler discusses the newest beer by Boulevard Brewery.  Vamos is their new Mexican Style Beer. Also the boys discuss Jeepers Creepers 3.  Tyler did not write down the metacritic score for the movie.  It was 37... which is as he said not great.  Michael also discussed how the director Victor Salva was a convicted pedophile.  It was news to Tyler but you can check out and interesting article about the movie and the director here.  He is indeed a convicted pedophile.  
2:05-Tyler discusses Paul Tremblay's newest novel The Cabin at the End of the World.  He is excited to read it.  You can pick it up for pre-order right here.
4:07-Mike discusses Best Science Fiction of the Year Volume 3.  This book is edited by Neil Clark and is really enjoying it.  He really liked the short story Wind Will Rove by Sarah Pinsker.  You can check out the book here and more of Pinsker's stuff on her website.   He also discusses his review of Damien Angelica Walter's book Cry Your Way Home.  Check out his review.  
6:56- Mike discusses the first episode of HPC extra credit with Ellen Datlow.  You can check out some of her anthologies on Amazon or on other episodes of The Horror Pod Class.  
10:45- Mike invites us to listen to a podcast called This is Horror.  He particularly enjoyed an episode that includes an interview with Nick Mamatas.  Mamatas discusses how to write fiction and the class origins of genre fiction which both guys really like talking about. Check out the episode here.  
12:34-  Tyler mistakenly said Honeymoon was released in 2016.  He was wrong as usual. It was released in 2014.  
12:55- Tyler discusses how to sign up for Shudder.  Just click on this link and sign up for Shudder.  
17:05- Mike mentions the discrepancy in critic and audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.  The audience rates this film as 44% rotten.  While critics rate this movie as 73% fresh.  You can check out the actual page for the movie here.  
23:03-Tyler discusses the concept of Checkov's Gun.  It is a literary device where we are introduced to a concept/object/idea at the beginning of the film because it will be important later on in the book or movie.  There is a great description of the device here.  
25:02-Michael discusses a really interesting phenomena in ants where a fungus gets inside of their brain and causes them to commit suicide and spread the fungus to the rest of the ant colony.  You can read more about Zombie Ants here
31:35.  Mike is quite fascinated with insects and nematodes this episode.  He points out how some grasshoppers can be infected by nematodes which causes them to drown themselves.  He is mostly right.  It is a nematomorph not a nematode.  It is still crazy interesting.  Check out what the New Scientist has to say about Grasshoppers and Drowning
33:08- Tyler says cootch.  Lets let it go.  It was not a great moment.  He feels bad enough about it already.
39:12-  Tyler and Mike start to evaluate Bea and Paul's relationship using Psychology Today's article 7 Secrets to a Successful Relationship
42:37- Mike and Tyler both discuss boat anchors a lot.  Here is a great resource if you have a boat and need to buy a good boat anchor
43:55-  Tyler is doing the show notes and wishes to make it clear his wife is not a handcuff also the trip to the lake this weekend has been cancelled.  
53:55-  Tyler keeps calling it THE Honeymoon.  That is a different movie.  The name of the movie they are discussing is just Honeymoon.
54:35-  Mike discusses the Facebook group created for The Horror Pod Class.  Join the class discussion here.  
54:52- Mike and Tyler give a big shout out to their first Patreon Subscriber.  A Special Thanks to Nick!  You rock!!  If you like what you hear help keep the lights on by giving what you can.  
You can check out tons of great horror movies over at, You can also check out our review of the exclusive movie Dead Shack which is a great watch!   Not a Shudder member?  You can sign up for free and get a 30 day trial just for being a Horror Podclass student! 
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