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The Horror Pod Class

Hey class!  Come meet Mike and Tyler, two high school teachers who absolutely love to talk and write about the horror genre!  We also own and write for a website named Signal Horizon, where you can get the latest news, reviews, and analysis of works from the horror and dark science fiction genres!

May 3, 2018

Class is back in session with an extra special and enlightening interview with the editor of Weirdbook, Douglas Draa.  Doug and I talk about the magazine, where he wants to take it in the future, how he handles the mountains of submissions he gets, and much more!

Want to know more about Weirdbook Magazine?  You can head on over to Signal Horizon where we have deep dive reviews of the latest two issues, Weirdbook #37 and Weirdbook #38.

Click here to visit Weirdbook's website or you can head on over to Wildside press to check out some of the great books they publish.

Weirdbook has a Facebook page too!  Head on over, like and follow Weirdbook to keep up with all the latest news from Doug and the crew.

Doug recently had a short story, "Fishin 'Boots" published in Turn to Ash volume 3.  Find out more about the Turn to Ash weird fiction series on their website.

This fall, Doug has an anthology of short fiction that he has edited from multiple authors named "What October Brings" set to be published by Celaeno Press.  Mark your calendars, it is due out this October.