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The Horror Pod Class

Hey class!  Come meet Mike and Tyler, two high school teachers who absolutely love to talk and write about the horror genre!  We also own and write for a website named Signal Horizon, where you can get the latest news, reviews, and analysis of works from the horror and dark science fiction genres!

May 25, 2018

Today we dive into the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre to discuss why it has been so influential and what it can tell us about capitalism and class conflict.  Tyler is doing the show notes this week so look out its gonna be a rough ride.
2:30 Tyler mentions Revenge on Shudder.  Its not out yet but will be very soon.  You can watch it on Amazon right now.  Its gotten great reviews.  Here is also a link to the Terror group Tyler was talking about.  Its got a ton of members and they are all really cool.
3:15 Tyler also mentions Atlas Obscura.  Its really rad and you can follow them on Twitter here or buy the latest edition here.  There stuff is really well researched and bad ass.  He also mentions that the book feels pretty similar to the book featured in the latest Laird Barron novel on Pseudopod.  The Last part just dropped today.  It is narrated by the wonderful John Padgett. 
5:00 Mikee discusses self published stuff.  You can totally self publish on sites like Lulu Press and when you do submit it to us.  Maybe will be read and review it.  Click here to submit.  
6:00 Hold onto your butts Tracy reviewed 'Who's Watching Oliver.  Its bonkers in the best way possible.  Check out our review and then be on the look out for its release.  
7:25 On Dark Corners of the Web Tyler discusses the website and their huge selection of horror that they have.  It really is pretty comprehensive and diverse.
12:08 Do not forget that you can get a whole month free of Shudder just be using the promo code "Signal" or by clicking the link.
21:01 Tyler talks about a really interesting article about The Chainsaw Massacre and Foodways (Which he does a pretty bad ass job of making up a definition to).  It is titled Cannibalism, Class, and Power:  A Foodways Analysis of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series by Mark Bernard Published in Food, Culture and Society in September of 2011. You can read the entire paper here.  
22:30 Tyler also discusses an Atlantic article about urban food deserts.  Just in case you missed it, The Atlantic is Tyler's go to periodical when he cannot remember which online news source he was reading when he stumbled across the actual article.  Anyway here it is it is actually from the Atlantic this time.  
39:45-Tyler and Mike talk a lot about Hillbilly Elegy.  Its a super good book.  You should buy it.
41:00-Tyler and Mike also talk about The Hillbilly Horror Trope which they wrote about for Tackling a Trope Tuesday a while ago.
53:00.  The second article is really good but also really deep. Cannibalistic Capitalism and other American Delicacies: A Bataillean Taste of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre by Naomi Merritt and was featured in Film-Philosophy in 2010.  You read it and then tell Tyler why he is wrong.  
57:00 Mike mentions are really good article in Wired about China MievilleYou can buy Kraken here.
We hope you enjoyed today's episode!  Don't forget to hit up the Horror Pod Class Facebook group, let us know what you think of the podcast and what films, books, and topics you think we should discuss next.  You can follow Mike on Goodreads and Tyler on TwitterMake sure you also check out Signal Horizon for the latest horror news, reviews, and analysis.  Until then, class dismissed!