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The Horror Pod Class

Hey class!  Come meet Mike and Tyler, two high school teachers who absolutely love to talk and write about the horror genre!  We also own and write for a website named Signal Horizon, where you can get the latest news, reviews, and analysis of works from the horror and dark science fiction genres!

Apr 18, 2019

Welcome back to The Horror Pod Class, this time with more guardian angels. Today we are talking to one of our favorite horror and weird fiction authors, Nadia Bulkin! We discuss a really great movie that she turned us on to on Netflix called A Dark Song. Specifically, we discuss the concept of the Sublime and how it interacts with horror fiction. Also, we discuss the intersections of sports and horror, which is something that interests Nadia greatly. Thanks to one of our wonderful Patreon supporters, we even delve into what is likely the most horrific of all sports horror... the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Find more of Nadia Bulkin at:

Nadia on Twitter, Facebook, and her author website.

Dark Corners of the Web:

You can find a really awesome story by Nadia Bulkin entitled "Red Goat, Black Goat" for free from Innsmouth Freepress. It also appears in the Ellen Datlow edited anthology, Lovecraft's Monsters.

We failed to mention in the episode that you can also read "Intertropical Convergence Zone" and "Pugelbone" on Nadia's author website.

All three are great and will leave you looking for more of her awesome short stories. You can pick up her single author collection, She Said Destroy, straight from Wordhorde or from Amazon.

If you are a Patreon Member you get to ask some questions.  Here is Leland's:

Hey Nadia. My two biggest passions are horror and the Jacksonville Jaguars (which is its own kind of horror.) Naturally, I loved your article “Where Horror and Sports Collide.” My biggest fear is that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will never retire and we are forced to endure their Lovecraftian dynasty forever. My question is what horror dynasty do you wish would retire and what genre in Horror should take its place? Why?”

Her Answer:  Less Women in Peril horror.  More Positive Spiritual horror.

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Act 1 The Movie:

Den of Geek Hated it!

GQ Loved it.

The movie centers around an actual ritual.  Mike found a toilet-themed website that fully explains it.  

Act 2 The Theory:

Nadia has a lot to say about the sublime.  Its pretty rad and the wiki explaining a Burke's views on it can be found here.  


The Artifice also has a lot to say about the Sublime as it exists in Gothic fiction.  We believe A Dark Song is a piece of Gothic fiction.  

Nadia touches on the role that the Sublime plays in developing cosmic dread/horror. has a pretty good description of what she is talking about.  

Act 3 The Application
Tyler wants a guardian angel.
Nadia thinks it would be cool to meet your guardian angel.
Mike thinks they are both crazy.

NEXT WEEK: Go buy Nadia's book and watch American Mary.