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Horror Pod Class

Hey class!  Come meet Mike and Tyler, two high school teachers who absolutely love to talk and write about the horror genre!  We also own and write for a website named Signal Horizon, where you can get the latest news, reviews, and analysis of works from the horror and dark science fiction genres!

Mar 2, 2018

Hey class!  Welcome back to another episode of Horror Podclass, where two high school teachers geek out on movies, books, and TV shows from our favorite genre: HORROR!  We have an awesome episode in store for you today where we talk all about Kevin Smith's horror comedy Red State.  Particularly, we want to know what it says about our political divides when it was created in 2011 and how those trends continued until today.  As always, we open with some brand new horror works that you should check out and where you can get some free horror from the web.  Stay tuned!


2:35-  We talk briefly about Annihilation.  Tyler has seen it, but Mike has not seen it yet due to the way it is being released internationally.  If you live outside of countries where it is being shown in theaters (United States, United Kingdom, China) then you will likely be able to see it in mid March on Netflix!  Check out our review of Annihilation right here and our what to know before you go primer.


3:30-  Signal Horizon had the great privilege of receiving a copy of The Devil and the Deep: Horror Stories of the Sea edited by Ellen Datlow and published by Skyhorse Publishing.  Bottom line is that this book is 15 brand new, all original horror stories from some of the best horror writers in the business today.  The entire anthology is top notch work, but the last two entries "Shit Happens" by Michael Marshall Smith and "Haunt" by Siobhan Carroll really stand out.  "Shit Happens" is the funniest horror story I have ever read and "Haunt" is one of the most powerful.  You can check out our entire first look review here and make sure you reserve your copy, they go on sale the 20th of March.

5:00- We discuss the movie They Remain from Phil Gelatt.  It is an excellent new movie available on VOD that is based on some of the Weird fiction from Laird Barron, particularly his short story --30--.  Head on over here to check out our in depth review of They Remain.

6:20- Creepy Corners of the Net- in this segment we like to highlight some of the free horror that you can find around the net.  Speaking of Laird Barron, if you want to check out his first every paying short story head on over to Nightmare Magazine and read Shiva Open Your Eye. It is the perfect way to get introduced to Laird Barron and is an unbelievably strong story given that it was his first paid sale.

9:15-  Continuing Creepy Corners of the Net, Tyler recommends that you go over and join the Facebook group dedicated to the House of Leaves book club.  It was started by the author and they are currently reading the book chapter by chapter.  Don't forget to listen to Episode 06 of the Horror Podclass, where we discuss House of Leaves!

14:30- Where can you watch Kevin Smith's Red State?  Head on over to where you can watch it right now from almost any device.  Shudder has a ton of horror and thriller movies for you to watch: good ones, campy ones, high budget, low budget, plus original and exclusive content.  Listeners to the Horror Podclass get a special deal too, instead of a 14 day free trial you can get a whole month by heading over to and entering the offer code "SIGNAL".  Happy watching!

26:35-  The colors of red and blue being associated with Republicans and Democrats are actually a more recent invention.  The 2000 presidential election to be exact.  For some more info on Red vs Blue and how we got here head on over to this article on the Washington Post.  

28:20-  Just as the Red vs. Blue state divides were really heating up, a young Senator from Illinois gave a pretty rousing speech about trying to bridge those divides. Well before he was elected President, see what then Senator Obama had to say about the subject at the 2004 DNC.

30:07- Not only are our states become more and more reliably Red or Blue, but so are the subdivisions within the states.  Some excellent follow on reading on this subject is at the website Fivethirtyeight with their article, Purple America Has All But Disappeared

44:30- We discuss the First Amendment and some of the current discussions that are taking place not in our public places and government institutions, but in the board rooms of tech companies.  We talk a little bit about YouTube's treatment of content from AtomWaffen, a neo-nazi group, and the decisions it has made.  Between recording and posting this episode, the content has been totally banned.  We talk about an interim step that YouTube took which was to make the content more difficult to share and appear in feeds.  Read more about this controversy over at Gizmodo

52:50-  While discussing right wing viewpoints on the ATF we discuss more generally that political factions have widely differing viewpoints on different government agencies and departments.  The FBI in particular is an interesting case as the views seem to be in flux at the moment.

58:20- Tyler gives a shoutout to the "compost collective" that we knew that was near our Alma Mater, Truman State University.  It is named Dancing Rabbit and you can find more information about them at

60:00-  There is an alternate ending that Kevin Smith claims he wanted to shoot but didn't have the money for.  Hear him talk about it and see some pretty cool animation of his vision over at Entertainment Weekly.  

Well, that's all for this week- get ready for next week by watching XX on Netflix and have an awesome weekend!